May Ipsy Glambag

After waiting a week after I got the shipping notification, my May Ipsy glambag came in! The theme for this month’s bag is “Spring Fling.” How fitting. If you’ve ever wanted to get an Ipsy bag, this would have been the one to get.


Love the pattern of this month’s bag! Chevron anything and I’m all over it. Not too crazy about the colors but that might just be me.

1. Macadamia Natural Oil healing oil treatment



Of all the products that could have come in the bag, this was one of the items that I was on the fence about– I didn’t absolutely want it but at the same time I wasn’t going to go flying into a rage if I did get it. Part of it is because of the disappointment I experienced the last time I got a bottle of oily product. I was surprised that the packaging was glass. The scent is on the perfumed side with a slight spice to it. Yeah, I don’t know how to described scents, part of the reason why I’ve never gone wine tasting. The product isn’t too bad. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling overly greasy.

2. Yaby concealer in vanilla


Sorry this was a bit difficult due to the size so this photo isn’t true to color. Of all shades, I received vanilla. It’s a little on the too light side for me to use as a concealer but it could work as a highlighter.

3. Juice Beauty reflecting gloss in pink


I was really hoping for a lipstick in this bag. Let’s face it– my lipstick collection is pathetic… my lipstick collection that consists of five. Does that even count as a collection? This Juice lipgloss wasn’t sticky which I always appreciate in a lipgloss but there’s really nothing that makes it stand out above others. Still useable.

4. Pacifica perfume roll-on in Island Vanilla


When I was in junior high, I didn’t wear perfume. I always opted for the fun body sprays that come in bajillions of scents and I usually got them from places like Target or Wal-Mart. One time I bought one that was vanilla scented. That one vanilla body spray has traumatized me when it comes to anything vanilla scented (except for ice cream… and cake). It was overly sweet and it lingered alllllll day. I did NOT want vanilla perfume in this bag. Guess what I got? The Ipsy goddesses must hate me, right? The packaging is pretty and it smells like vanilla but it isn’t overly vanilla-y as the traumatic vanilla body spray from my younger years. It actually has a slight floral undertone to it. Unfortunately, this will not be at the forefront of my perfumes but I’ll still hold onto it. It’d be great for travel.

5. Zoya nail lacquer in Piaf


I would have been happy with any of the Zoya polishes though I would have preferred to not receive a yellow or nude shade. I’ve never owned Zoya before but I always see the IG nail girls with Zoya so I was excited to be able to try one out. It is a full-size product. I received Piaf which happens to be the yellow shade. It’s a nice color though I don’t fancy the way it looks with my skin color. It applies smooth like butter and dried without streaks. The formula itself is great. It is a shimmer polish so it’s a nice change from all the creams and glitters that I’ve been buying. It’s just the color =T. Check me out on Instagram for a swatch of this color! IG: @catheriinela

Overall, despite not getting the exact products or colors I wanted, I’m still pleased with this month’s Ipsy bag. The value is great. The nail polish itself just about almost covers the cost of the bag and the other deluxe sized samples made it even better.

Two good bags in a row, it’s kind of scaring me. Makes you wonder what’s to come in the June bag. Should I stay or should I go…

Want to try it out yourself? Become an Ipsy glambag subscriber here!

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