Monday Mani – Mint cookie crunch inspired

Yesterday was grocery shopping day in our house. The entire time, K kept saying, “Ice see! Ice see!” (ice cream). We browsed the ice cream section and, after what seemed like an eternity, we came to an agreement on Dreyer’s Mint Cookie Crunch. Yup, Dreyer’s since I’m west of the Rockies. For a kid who doesn’t know what all these ice creams taste like nor can she read, she sure was picky =T. This is what the amazingness of Mint Cookie Crunch looks like:


Oh. My. God. I can’t wait to get home to devour some of this now. It’s the best of cookies & cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream all rolled into one. It also reminded me that I have a a pack of thin mints waiting for me in the freezer as well.

Anyway, after letting my nails rest (for a day =X) and scarfing down a bowl of this frozen deliciousness, I got set up and did my nails. Here are my ice cream inspired nails:


There’s nothing ice creamy about it but the colors make me hungry all over again. I used Maybelliene Green with Envy which is one of, if not, my absolute favorite mint colored nail polish, Make a Comet-ment which is a a silver microglitter polish from Nicole by OPI with a layer of some silver/holo shard glitter, and white and black liners from Kiss that I used to make the chevron and floral designs. I was in a hurry to get my daughter in bed so it’s kind of on the “abstract” side hahaha. It’s too bad I washed dishes shortly after I painted my nails, screwed them up, then did a shitty job retouching them (and cleaning up around the edges, I know -_-). Here’s an after shot of what they look like now:


What a bummer -_-.

Haven’t done this in a while, so this week I’m linking up to:

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