Mani Revamp – Purple Snow Globe

When life give you lemons, make lemonade right? My purple snow globe mani started chipping at the tips (*and play sad violin music here*). I was so in love with it and I didn’t have enough time to re-do a full mani that I did what any normal person would do– touched up the chips with more nail polish. This time around, instead of using Sally Hansen’s Snow Globe (because it doesn’t give much, if any, coverage) I broke out my Nicole by OPI Inner Sparkle from the Selena Gomez Collection.


I do have to say, I think I love this mani even more now.


I work with my hands a lot (cooking, jewelry making, working with clay, other crafts with my daughter) and the last time I used this glitter polish for a mani it didn’t show any signs of wear by the time I took it off so this one is definitely lasting me until the weekend.

What do you think? Do you prefer the original mani or the revamp?


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