June Ipsy Glambag

June Ipsy glambag came in last week! There’s been lots of excitement about the June bag on a forum I recently joined but after receiving my May bag that many felt was the best bag they’d received, I wasn’t going to have TOO high expectations for this month. While the products from last month’s bag were great, I wasn’t too crazy about the colors I received but the poor color matching hasn’t been enough for me to cancel my subscription… yet.

The theme for the June bag is “On the Wild Side.” One thing I can appreciate about Ipsy is that each one has a theme that the bag and contents revolve around. The bag is a brown animal print bag with a neon green zipper closure. Cute bag but, to be honest, I’m not much of an animal print + neon type of person. I tend to keep my animal print as the highlight of an outfit but that’s just me. Plus, I got a really great, sturdy animal print bag from one of the Target beauty bags a few months ago that has been my go-to animal print makeup bag. This Ipsy bag will come in handy though since I’ve started carrying around small bags of crafting/jewelry supplies when I’m on the go in them.

1. J.Cat sparkling cream palette in suzie (full size, $4.49)
That was the product that I was most hesitant in receiving after reading thread posts on a website. I’m telling you, spoiler threads will either get you really excited about a product or knock you down. It’s a gorgeous palette when you look at it– all the shiny, golden shades of sparkly goodness will make almost any girl giddy. The glitter itself is small/fine and not super chunky, though the one second to the left consisted of much finer glitter than the other four.
The applicators it comes with are like eyeshadow applicators and of no use to me.
When I rubbed my finger in to swatch, they felt coarse and dry at the top but then it because much creamier when you get further down into the product. Not quite creamy, though, but more of a vaseline-like, greasy consistency. The base product has no color– it’s clear and the only thing that contributes to the color is the glitter itself. The product isn’t supposed to be used around the eyes (though it comes with eyeshadow applicators?) so I’m at a loss at what to do with this. Seeing as how I’m almost thirty I don’t think that glittery body art is an option. I have considered running a bit through the ends of my dark brown to light brown ombre hair and then setting it with a hairspray as one MUTer suggested but I haven’t given it a try yet.

I hate to say it but this product kind of reminded me of the type of stuff the indoor swapmeet had in its makeup section with all the other random, no name products that were sold for a buck. Hopefully this single product doesn’t reflect the quality of the rest of the line.

2. NYX cream blush in hot pnk (full size, $6.00)
I was suuuuuper excited when I found out that we were getting a full-size NYX blush in our June bags– I love NYX products! Three types of blushes were being sent out– creams, mosaics, and powder blushes. I’m not much of a blush person in general but I do have the mosaic powder in latte which has been one of my main products during the warmer months. I’d never tried a cream blush so I was a little curious with trying one as long as it was a neutral color that wouldn’t look too crazy if I got lazy with the blending. I was hoping I wouldn’t get a bright or super bold color like I had in the April bag especially since that one hasn’t even been used yet.
I received a cream blush in my bag (yay for trying new products!) but to my disappointment I got it in hot pink. Ughhhh. The formula itself is fine, very creamy to the touch, and highly pigmented but just WAY too bold of a color for me. I’m sure this could be pretty for an outdoor day when applied lightly but I have a heavy hand. Sadly, this one will be put aside but I will continue to use other NYX products just in colors that are more suitable for me.

3. Starlooks lip pencil in tipsy (full size, $12.00)
I don’t wear a whole lot of lip product to begin with, mostly just Carmex or a light lipgloss so receiving a lipliner in my bag could have been a good thing or a bad thing. Good because as long as the color was right, I could wear it under a gloss. Bad if the wrong color and it would end up sitting with my hot pink blush. When I unwrapped my Starlooks lip pencil, I let out a little whine because it had melted (darn California weather) and the tip had broken off.
I re-positioned the poor broken tip and popped the pencil into the fridge for a few minutes. Tipsy is a coral color that would look great on most people and is perfect for summer. The lip pencils that I do have are usually either nude or a mauve color so this is a nice change for me. It’s very creamy, easy to apply, and looks great underneath a pink gloss to tone down the peachy/coral of it.

4. Cailyn linefix gel eyeliner in purple (full size, $21.00)
This is the first of my “or” products for this bag. The product I was MOST excited about when I found I’d be receiving it was the gel eyeliner from Cailyn. Not just because it was an eyeliner but because it wasn’t in black nor brown (I’ve been meaning to buy a colored eyeliner) and because, hello, it retails regular price for $21.00. The paper packing itself is cute and really says you’re opening a high quality product before you even open it.
The product packaging itself consists of three parts– the base which is the actual container of product, the lid which screws onto the base, and the brush that inserts into the top of the lid. The brush can be placed into the lid with the brush tip down as you see in my photo or with the brush pointed up. The brush is a nice addition to the packaging and applies the product well, however, it’s a little short for me (I prefer my brushes to be longer) so I’ve been applying it with a regular sized angled eyeliner brush.
Here it is swatched alongside the lip pencil.

The purple is very pretty, it isn’t too dark to wear it can be mistaken for black but it isn’t too bright nor too light– it’s just right. The consistency of the gel liner is very smooth and glides across the eye lid perfectly. It claims to be a 24 hour wear, waterproof, and smudge proof. Eyeliners tend to usually not last long on me– they fade smudge onto the bottom outer corners of my eyes– even when used with a primer. The best eyeliner I’ve used is one that I actually just started using which is the Milani Infinite liquid eyeliner (hate the brush but love the formula).

So, how does the Cailyn gel eyeliner work for me? The color faded a little over the course of the day and it wasn’t as bold as when I first applied it but for whatever reason, it still took a bit of work to get the remainder of it off at the end of the day. This won’t be a daily product but I will definitely be getting some good use out of it when I want a pop of color on my eyes.

5. Psssst! instant dry shampoo (travel size, $3.59)
I’ve never tried a dry shampoo. I’ve considered it but just never bought one. This was the other “or” product that I received. It comes in a 1.76 oz aerosol spray can. It is to be used when you don’t wash your hair and need a “refresher.” I haven’t yet used the product but I’ll let you know how it turns out when i do.

Value of this month’s bag: $47.08

I’m pleased with this month’s Ipsy glambag. Despite the praise last month’s bag got from many subscribers I would have to say that, for me, the products in the June bag will be used much more. The glitter palette may not get much use atleast until I figure out what to do with it and the cream blush will get very little use if any. If only I had been sent a different color *le sigh*. One product I didn’t get that I really would have loved to try was the Chella highlighter pencil. I normally use eyeshadows to highlight under my brows but I’ve been looking for a pencil instead.

So what do you think of June’s glambag?

Did you get the Chella highlighter pencil? Or are there any other highlighter pencils that you would recommend?

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