Mahalmade – Clay macarons

I’ve always loved making things by hand. It started when I was a kid—I beaded, I drew, I made random junk like Styrofoam houses and even tried to make flip flops out of paper. Yeah, really. Needless to say, the flip flops didn’t last very long. One of those hobbies was creating things like tiny animals out of polymer clay. I think that lasted all of a couple weeks before my mom told me I couldn’t use the oven anymore for non-food items. Well, guess what? I have my own oven now, HAH. So when Michaels was having an awesome deal on polymer clay, I picked up a few packs and went to work.

I was getting tired of making jewelry out of the same materials that everyone else uses so off I went crafting away. At the same time (not literally, but you get what I mean) I was also re-visiting baking macarons and I figured, heyyyyyyyy, clay macarons! Even if my real ones come out shitty, atleast I’ll have cute clay macarons to fall back on. And so my clay macaron obsession began.

I made large ones, tiny ones, heavy ones, light ones, round ones, heart ones…


Macarons as charms, macarons as earrings, and (my favorite) macarons on keychains. Macarons paired with gold plated charms, paired with beads, and paired with printed cotton ribbon.

The large macaron keychains are my favorite pieces. They’re bold but still pretty. They shine because of the rhinestones. The smaller macarons are dainty but fill the need for something cute.

The best part about clay macarons though? All the satisfaction of having one of these delicate, sweet confections without all the calories!

My favorite flavors that I’ve had (real macarons now) are passionfruit and salted caramel– maybe I’ll make clay versions of those. What are your favorite macaron flavors?

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I’m a lover of all things handmade so if you have an Etsy shop, leave your store URL in the comments– I’d love to visit you!

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