Monday Mani – Saran Wrap mani

Saran Wrap manis, if done well, can be so pretty. The first one that I fell in love with was done by Shay8815 on Instagram. It was a Saran Wrap mani done to resemble jade. It was gorgeous.

This is my second mani done using the method. It turned out OK. Originally, I had planned for it to be much more colorful but I applied the nail polish colors in layers and, well, the first few colors got covered up.20130701-081455.jpg

I used two coats of a white nail polish for a base color. You can’t see them anymore but there WAS Tiffany Imposter and Golden-I underneath. Basically all you’re seeing now is Sally Hansen Hardcore Party and Maybelliene Green With Envy.

This mani only lasted me a couple days. The next time around, I’ll definitely be using more vibrant colors and perhaps dropping all my nail polish at the same time and sponging using the Saran Wrap to hopefully get more of the color to show.


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