Nail Polish Wish List

About half of the accounts I follow on my public profile on Instagram are nail accounts. Of those, half of them post swatches of indie polishes on a regular basis. I never knew there were so many indie nail polish brands until I joined Instagram. I fall into like with most of them, then there’s a small handful that I fall madly in love with.

I decided to finally create a nail polish wishlist to keep track of the ones that I’m lusting over (and also to keep my eye out for possible dupes). These are in no particular order:

Blogger by piCture pOlish. Picture Polish is based in Australia. The first thing I noticed about the brand is their creative packaging, each of the bottles contains a short sentence that ties into the nail polish name. I also love the font they used– what can I say, I have a thing for serif fonts. Of all Picture Polish’s beautiful colors, Blogger stands out the most to me. There’s something about this colorful, densely packed, glitter bomb of a polish that I fall in love with every single time I see a swatch of it. There are a few rainbow glitters out there but none that are more captivating, partly because Blogger isn’t limited to your primary and secondary colors and partly because it contains different sizes of glitter.

This list will be edited from time to time. I’m always on the lookout for new brands so if you know of any or if you own one, please don’t hesitate to leave a link in the comments!


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