Physicians Formula Super BB Cream


BB (blemish balm or beauty balm) creams have been popping up in drugstores everywhere as of late. Primarily sold mainly in Asia, these products claim to do everything your moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer are supposed to do and more. I’d seen some in the smaller Asian accessory and housewares stores in the malls before but never paid much attention to them. I’ve read reviews on many of the drugstore BB creams but I’ve always been hesitant to try them. I have oily screen and breakouts that roll around every month (thanks hormones, thanks) so I’m hesitant to try new products sometimes.

While browsing around the cosmetics at CVS, a pretty holographic silver and white package caught my eye. Low and behold, it’s a BB cream, Super BB cream by Physicians Formula. I stood in front of the display for about 10 minutes looking up reviews before I walked away. Not because I lost interest in the product but because I looked like an idiot standing there staring at my phone. So I did my research that night and the next day, I purchased it.


It comes in a 1.2 fl oz tube with a screw cap. It makes quite a few claims: smoothing, moisturizing, protecting, firming, priming + filling, perfecting, concealing, brightening, line-softening, and long-wearing. Wowzers! The text on the box calls it an “All-in-1 Miracle Cream.” From the packaging:

• Ultra-blendable and lightweight cream effortlessly glides on, instantly infusing moisture, refining skin’s surface and providing protection from the environment. Skin looks and feels smooth, glowing, and naturally flawless.

• Ultra-versatile beauty balm simplifies your morning beauty routine by delivering the benefits of Moisturizer, Foundation & SPF protection in one easy to use product!

The product contains SPF 30.physiciansformula_superbbcream_03It only comes in two shades, light/medium and medium/deep. I chose the light/medium because, if anything, a lighter shade can always look better with a little bronzer and contouring. You want to be sure to shake and squeeze the tube to mix the product a bit– you do not want to do what I did and squeeze the tube without shaking and end up with a liquidy mess. If you shake up the tube to mix the product, you’ll get a creamy dallop when you dispense it that has a peak that totally reminds me of piping macarons. physiciansformula_superbbcream_04Here’s what it looks like blended into my forearm (sorry for the lighting differences). It blends into the skin very easily and does not feel greasyphysiciansformula_superbbcream_05

After washing my face, I dotted the product on and then simply spread the product with my fingers. I’ll spare you pictures of all of this. I have lots of old acne scaring with some of them being very dark. My darker scars were still visible through the layer of BB cream so it is very light coverage however the light/medium colors was perfect for me (for reference, I am an NC40 with MAC Studio Fix). It did seem to conceal minor imperfections and discolorations. It provided a natural finish, not too matte and not too shiny. And off I went on my day.

Typically, my makeup routine consists of moisturizer, primer, foundation, and powder to set. About 4 hours into my day, I have to blot. When I wore the BB cream I also added a little powder to set. I blotted after 3 hours and the amount of oil was more than what I usually have after 4 hours of my regular makeup routine. I could also see redness peaking out.

So I’m at a bit of a loss here. While I love the idea of wearing one product that takes care of everything that multiple products do, I’m not sure it’s working for me and my skin type or at least not this specific brand. Maybe I just had a bad day. At about $15.00 plus tax at CVS, it’s a bit steep for a drugstore product unless you use a coupon or buy when it’s on sale and I don’t see myself purchasing this again.

Have you tried Physicians Formula Super BB Cream or any of their other Super BB products? What did you think of them? Are there any BB creams that you would recommend?

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