Spoiler Alert: August 2013 Ipsy Glam bag

I generally don’t do “spoiler/sneak peak” posts but seeing as how it’s my birthday month (go August babies!), I am definitely keeping up with this one and crossing my fingers for an amazing bag. If you do not want spoilers, DO NOT READ MORE. And if you are just as curious as I am, read on.

This month, we will be receiving 5 products. Here’s what the bags look like so far:

– Urban Decay lipstick or Noya lip balm
– Michael Todd jojoba charcoal facial scrub or pumpkin mask
– Pixi lash booster mascara
– 2 of 7 different items

Official Sneak Peak #1 – Released 7/31/2013

“Pro-lips at your fingertips from start to finish with one of these awesome August Glam Bag items.”
Photo credit: Ipsy Facebook

In correlation with the re-subscribe email that some ladies received which clearly showed an Urban Decay lipstick, it was pretty easy to figure out that the lipstick pictured in the first official spoiler is by Urban Decay. It is an “or” product, ladies, so don’t get your hopes TOO high up! The other product in this “or” selection is Noya lip balm which was figured out by EeLo with the snap of a finger, so thank you! Here is a screencast from their website showing the lip balm options:
Photo credit: noyabeauty.com

From the looks of the packaging, they are vanilla and cherry.

In terms of price, I know you’re thinking, “Urban Decay lipstick vs. Noya lip balm?” Full-size UD lipsticks retail for $22.00 each while Noya lip balms are only $3.99. However, if you look at the difference in size, the lipstick appears to be MUCH smaller than the lipbalm. It actually reminds me of the tiny lipstick tube samples my mom used to get as part of a free gift for purchasing perfumes at department stores. Or maybe something along the lines of the size of the UD mini pictured here.

The fact that the lipstick is Urban Decay is enough to make me go head over heels (I love their eyeshadow palettes, primer potion, and eyeliner pencils but I have yet to try any of the lipsticks), however the fact that I’ve been getting unflattering lip product colors lately makes me a little hesitant. It could potentially wind up being a color I won’t ever use. On the other hand, a lip balm regardless of flavor will find its way into my purse and will be useful.

Official Sneak Peak #2 – Released 8/1/2013
“Skin perfection is in session with one of these awesome August Glam bag items!”
Photo credit: Ipsy Facebook

Two sneak peaks in a row! I’m getting super excited now. Sneak peak #2 features two squeeze tubes with flip tops and features a little “Aware of Excellence” trophy prop. They are skin care products by Michael Todd True Organics and it looks like we’re getting the Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub. Bridget84 found this link that basically confirms it, so thank you! I’ve been looking for facial scrubs so I’m actually pretty excited to try this out. The description from the Michael Todd website reads:

“Unique facial scrub formulated with Jojoba Wax Beads and Activated Charcoal to effectively remove dead skin, impurities and toxins. Jojoba Wax Beads provide gentle exfoliation without leaving microlacerations on delicate skin. Highly absorbent Activated Charcoal penetrates deeply into pores to draw out impurities and toxins. Refines texture and encourages skin renewal, leaving skin smooth and refreshed.

All skin types.Gentle enough for sensitive and acne prone skin types.“

There are two tubes in the sneak peak picture, though—the packaging is different in terms of color and how the verbiage is arranged. I haven’t seen anything on the website yet that resembles it yet. Any idea? // edit // Thank you to Zadidoll we now know that the lighter tube is the pumpkin mask.

Official Sneak Peak #3 – Released 8/2/2013
“Boost your look from good to glam with this eye-popping item!”
Photo credit: Ipsy Facebook

Anybody that is a Target addict and browses the cosmetics aisles enough will recognize this minimalist green packaging—Pixi! And there’s no hiding this time around in terms of what the product is because you can see “Lash Booster” very clearly. None of the sneak peaks have been very… well, sneaky this month. I think the biggest mystery, atleast for me, is what the theme of this month’s bag is.

Photo credit: Pixi Beauty
Anyway, the description on Pixi’s websites claims that it “boosts your lashses, giving them a ‘push-up’ effect that lasts all day.” It is supposed to be smudge-free and waterproof as well and comes in two colors, blackest blue and blackest black. It’s unsure whether both color options will be sent out this month but I would be happy with either color.

Anyone else curious about the sparkly purple background Ipsy has been using for their sneak peaks? Are we potentially getting a sparkly purple bag? Doesn’t exactly scream “August” to me but that would be fun to get.

Offical Sneak Peak #4 – Released 8/5/2013
”Class is in session with TWO of these amazing items in your August Glam bag!”
Photo credit: Ipsy Facebook

Well, I think we’ve got our theme nailed down. It must be school related and given that it’s August it can only mean “Back to School.” On this sneak peak, we see seven products and we will be getting two of these. I see lots of red… as in red apple.

The top left bottle in unmistakingly a bottle of nail polish and judging by the shape and history of these products in our glam bags, it is Nailtini. It actually kind of reminds me of Mai Tai which was sent out in a recent bag. The other red options on their website are Bloody Mary (classic true red) and Kir Royale (shimmering hot ruby red) but they don’t resemble the color we see in the sneak peak.

Next to the nail polish is an automatic pencil (yay for no sharpeners!) that has not yet been determined. A stumper!

The red tube in the center is a confirmed product which is City Color cheek stain—thanks to MissJessicaMary!
Photo credit: City Color

The top right looks to be a cream blush, brand unknown. Soooo red. I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get either of the blushes.

We’re also seeing a loose powder– possibly Mica Beauty eyeshadow/loose pigment?

In the bottle right corner is tube of some type of clear gel and based on the packaging, it looks to be Smashbox Photo Finish primer. I wouldn’t mind getting it since I’ve used up the rest of the tube of photo finish that I already have as well as the Mirabella primer from an earlier glam bag.

To the bottom left is another squeeze tube. Some ladies are suggesting it may be a BB cream by Pacifica.

Considering how easy the previous sneak peaks were, it’s nice to see that we finally have some surprise brands that we’ll be seeing in this bag.

Offical Sneak Peak #5 – Released 8/6/2013
”Get ready to learn about what Glamour is all about this August.”
Photo credit: Ipsy Facebook

Looks like we’ve finally got our bag preview! It’s purple which is kind of a no brainer given the sparkly purple background in all the sneak peaks, and it has a yellow/gold print on it that kind of resembles the emblems/crests of schools, in this case for the “Glamour Academy.” Very clever. I like the colors of a bag (I mean, purple & yellow/gold? The gals who come up with these bags must be Lakers fans hahaha) but personally I’m not wild about the print. Can I go back to wishing for a sparkly purple bag like the sneak peak background?

Stay tuned for more sneak peaks! Not an Ipsy subscriber? Sign up here. There is currently a wait list so you may not receive the August glam bag, but the sooner you sign up the closer you’ll be to getting amazing stuff like this in the mail each month!

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