Wet n Wild Fergie Collection – Going Platinum


When it comes to metallics, I tend to stick to things like golds, rose golds, and champagnes. While browsing some store a few months ago, I came across this lonely bottle of Wet n Wild nail polish. It’s from the Fergie Collection in the color Going Platinum. It caught my eye because 1) someone had placed it in the wrong spot so of course it stuck out like a sore thumb and 2) it was shiny. Looking at the bottle in the store, it just looked like a metallic silver toned polish. I typically don’t buy silver because I think it looks horrible on me but I bought it anyway because I was shopping around for colors for a giveaway and I figured someone out there would like a silver polish. When I got home, I stored it away and it sat untouched for months.

Fast forward to a couple days ago when I unburied this. I figured I might as well keep it and give it a try.IMG_3968

Wow! I was definitely surprised when I applied this polish. These photos are with three coats of Going Platinum. It’s not just silver like I had initially thought. It’s a shiny metallic but what surprised me, and I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before, is that there are actually gold/bronze specks in the polish. They aren’t chunky so it isn’t TOO noticeable but they lay flat with the rest of the polish.


It’s gorgeous. I want to say I paid $2.99 for this polish (more than likely I used a $1 off coupon) and I’m not sure if this is carried in stores anymore. BUT if you happen to come across this polish at your local drugstore, I would highly recommend that you pick it up. It’s a beautiful, unique color with a smooth formula.

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