Jolly Vox Box from Infuenster


Today, I have SORT of a different kind of review for you. It’s a box that I received in the mail. It’s not quite a subscription box but it’s a box filled with goodies. Earlier this year I signed up on a website called Influenster where you basically write reviews. They have categories such as health & beauty, grocery, fashion, home, family, entertainment, electronics, sports & outdoor, and even travel. About a week ago, I received an email that I’d be receiving the Jolly Vox Box and next thing you know it’s waiting for me at my door step!


1. Skinny Cow candy, divine filled chocolates, peanut butter creme ($3.99 per box)

Any time I hear the chocolate and peanut butter combination, I think ewww. Then I remember that Reese’s peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces are just that and I relax. I’ve never purchased any Skinny Cow products personally but I will willingly eat a piece of chocolate for the sake of a review. These are described as “velvety milk chocolate and delicious peanut butter creme.” One box includes 6 individual servings which consist of 3 pieces of candy with each pouch coming in at 130 calories.


The chocolate holds up well against the warmth of my fingers. Of course, I couldn’t test this long because, well, I devoured the candy. The chocolate has a rich taste that isn’t too much cocoa and not sweet. The peanut butter creme inside is just as described– velvety. It isn’t the more firm texture that you get from a Reese’s, it’s more thin but still packs tons of flavor. Being able to indulge in something sweet and delicious at 130 calories per pack? Give me more.


2. Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong To Go tissue pack (single pack, $0.49)Influenster must have known that my little family has been battling colds this past week. Puffs is a brand I am very familiar with. When I do buy tissues, they are usually Puffs brand. These are super soft on the skin and are thick so they hold up well. A staple in our household.


3. Duck Tape Ducklings Mini Roll ($2-$3)

I don’t use a whole lot of duck tape, though with the discovery Pinterest, apparently there are more uses to this stuff than just taping a box together. I received a mini roll if Duck Tape brand in this bright turquoise and white floral design. The tape is 0.75″ in width and 180″ long. The tape is tacky and sticks well and the bright colors are just absolutely fun. It can be easily torn by hand so no scissors, no problem.


4. NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow ($2.99)

When it comes to beauty products from NYC New York Color, I usually just stick to their nail polishes. In fact, one of my favorite topcoats is the extra shiny top coat (271) from this brand. It dries fast and extra glossy. It does, however, cause my nail polish underneath to crack but I don’t keep my nail polish on long enough for it to really matter anyway. I was happy to receive this eyeshadow in the Jolly Vox Box since I’d never tried them.


I received the trio eye shadow in Long Beach Sands (781). (Side note: I was born in Long Beach– woop woop!) It comes with a dual ended sponge tip applicator which I usually find useless since I apply eyeshadows with either my fingertips or a brush. The tops of the eyeshadows have a quilted appearance which is cute. All of the shadows are the same satin finish. The palette includes a highlight color, an all over color, and a crease color which each mapped out by a little piece of plastic included in the case.


I personally would not follow their recommendations with how these shadows should be used. Instead, I’d prefer the darker shade (middle) to be used as the crease color and the third shade (right) be used as an all over lid color. Even so, this products or at least these colors are not something that I would have personally purchased. I naturally have a darker eye area so these colors on my eyes don’t show very well against my skin tone. There was a bit of fallout upon application and they seemed to fade on me after just a few hours. A primer would help but just based on color selection, I would not purchase this product.

I have read a few other reviews that seem to think that the quality is inconsistent with the different color palettes so other color combinations may perform differently.


5. Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquet ($5.49-$5.99)

I’m not a huge fan of liquid lip colors. They seem to apply inconsistenly and the ones I try always leave either a goopy and sticky or drying finish. At first, I was super excited because the packaging led me to believe that this was a mascara. Then I opened the tube and found a sponge tip applicator liquid lip color.


The color that I received is Luna which is an orange/coral color. On its own, the color is pretty but it also struck me as alarmingly bright out of the tube. It has a scent that sort of reminds me of melon as well which doesn’t me too much, it’s just different. This was fairly well pigmented which I like. I can’t speak for the longevity of this lip color yet because, to be honest, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this color in public and sitting cooped up in my house for hours on end just isn’t an option. However, just based on the pigmentation and ease of application, I would consider purchasing this product again but in a different shade.

The products in this review were provided by Influenster. All pictures and those opinions expressed are my own.



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