Sponge mani with Zoya

About a month ago, Zoya had a promotion where you pay only $12 for any 3 polishes SHIPPED! I found about the promotion when Refinedandpolished posted a photo on her Instagram and blog with swatches of the new Naturel Collection from Zoya which consists of nudes and mauve-y nudes that I absolutely fell in love with them at first site. My only Zoya polishes that I owned at the time were a couple that I had gotten from my Ipsy glambag. So, when I found out about the $12 promotion, I bit the bullet and purchased three. I bought Chantal, Rue, and Brigitte from the Naturel Collection.

Since it’s been a while since I posted a nail look and actually a while since I’ve done anything besides a coat of color and some glitter, I decides to put these to use.

This is a simple sponge mani that I did. My base color which you can see on my undecorated nails is Rue, a blush toned nude. The medium mauve and cream nude color on my middle and ring fingers are Brigitte and Chantal. The white is just a simple white polish from Wet n Wild.

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