Hiking to Sturtevant Falls

A couple of weekends ago, I spent a few hours ago with my brothers, nephew, and niece and went hiking. It was the first time I’d gone hiking in… 5 years? So, I was pretty excited to go. We hiked in the Big Santa Anita Canyon and took a trail to Sturtevant Falls then took another trail up to the top. We arrived around 6:30am and the parking lot at the top was PACKED! We parked a little big down the hill on the side of the road, the trek up to the beginning of the hiking trail wasn’t too bad from where we were parked.

I figured this blog could use some different pictures aside from all the beauty products, so enjoy! Note: These were all taken with the iPhone5s.

This was one of the first views we got when we started the hike down the paved road.





Much of the trail was canopied by beautiful trees so it didn’t get hot at all.





This is one of my favorite pictures. I love the reflection in the water.



And the main reason why we came– the waterfall!





This next photo was from the second trail that we took that went up along one of the hills– literally, on the edge of the hill, the path was so narrow and pretty rocky. It went up higher than the waterfall. We made it about half way through the trail before I started to die and we made out way back down.



And back down we go, back to civilization.


Hope you enjoyed the photos! I’m excited to go hiking again and explore different trails and when I do, you know I’ll be posting pictures again ;).



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