DIY – Easy mini folders with tabs

I had a few comments and messages on my Instagram when I posted my first peak into my Martha Stewart organizer, specifically with the mini folders that I made. They’re super easy to make and I love sharing when people ask nicely so here you go!

First, I created this template that you will want to print out. Click on the image and it will take you to a PDF that you can print.


If you are using printed paper you will want to print on the wrong side of the paper. Here, I am using pretty floral patterned medium weight paper from the Best of Maggie Holmes paper pack that I got at Michaels. This template will produce a finished envelope of 4 3/8″ x 2 1/4″ (plus the height of the tab at the top). You can easily alter the template to make the envelope smaller or larger.

After you have printed out the template on your paper, cut along the solid lines then fold along the dashed lines. The bottom half of the template has tabs on either side of it– these you will glue to the outside back of the envelope.

The tab at the very top folds left to right, glue this down as well. The next step is optional: If you want both sides of the top tab to have the angle, you will just need to snip the left side of the tab at a 45 degree angle.

And you’re done! You can make tons of these in lots of fun patterns or colors and use them any way you’d like– glue them onto another sheet of paper like I did to create a divider with pockets or include them in your letters or gifts to loved ones to hold a little surprise!

I probably should have posted photos doing this step by step or at least a video… but my printer ran out of ink so I can’t print one now myself even if I wanted to. If you have any questions on assembling the envelope, please let me know!

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