Week 28 layout + Swap!

Hello my lovelies! Last week, I participated in my first “filofax goodies” swap with Kristine from KJoyCreations so I thought I’d share all the fun stuff she sent me… and she sent a lot more than I expected!


A variety of clips, stickers, pens, washi tape, a tube of Baby Lips (yes!), and my favorite of all the two handmade pieces she made for me. The first is the watercolor piece on the left that she created for me to use in my Martha Stewart binder and the second is the heart piece on the right. It is one of her KJoy Hearts– she created it using my husband’s, daughter’s, and my names! She is so creative and her penmanship is beautiful! The KJoy Heart is currently posted on my refrigerator but as soon as I get my family room walls straighten out, it will be framed and hung as well. If you’re interested in purchasing a KJoy Heart of your own or you want to see all her other fun work, be sure to visit her on Instagram!

I am still working on collecting stuff to use in my organizer, slowly but surely. A few reasons why: 1) there is a lot of cute stuff out there that I can’t pick, 2) sometimes I can be TOO picky that I end up not buying, and 3) let’s face it, I’ve got bills to pay. BUT I did purchase a few rolls of washi tape from an Etsy seller that I should be getting in a week of two. I also purchased a few more colorful pens that I’ll write about a little later.

For now, here is my simple (a.k.a. plain a.k.a. boring) layout for this week that is still half empty

photo 2

Here’s what I used:

photo 1

– Washi tape: from swap with Kristine

– Journaling Cards – Target

– Flower Stickers – Michaels


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