mm_CLAI had my first hand at blogging over a decade ago when I was 16/17 and Xanga was all the rage. You remember Xanga? From Xanga, I moved onto being hosted on personal domains to owning my own (Luminouz.net) and a couple others that I never really put any effort into, so much that I don’t even remember what they were called. Yeah, it was that bad. But I left the blogging world for education and work reasons– basically, I was growing up and growing out of all the work that went into having my own domain.

I decided to finally “come back” for the main reason that I wanted to start documenting my then-newborn daughter’s accomplishments and here I am again back with my own. My very own outlet for… basically any random crap that comes up for me.

As a person, I am organized but all over the place. Just like this blog. I am serious, fun, and I speak sarcasm as a second language. Just like what you’ll get in this blog.

Thanks for joining in this journey with me.

What is “Mahal Made?”

Mahal Made is my own little space on the internet to share with you my everyday experiences and journey of motherhood and my love for food, beauty products/nail polish, and accessory/jewelry making.

“Mahal” is Tagalog for “love.” All things I make are made out of love.