Shrimp Fritters with Spicy Honey Sauce


When my husband works late, I like to take advantage of him being gone by catching up my sewing, crafting, or, in the case of today, eat shrimp. Yup, my husband is allergic to shrimp. I am a shrimp lover– I will eat any and everything shrimp, though as much as I love to eat it, I hate to clean and prepare shrimp. It’s a pain in the butt to me.

I used to help my mom cook when I was living at home but I didn’t touch a raw shrimp until I moved out a couple of years ago. The sliminess really gets to me, the heads constantly poked me. I’ve now resorted to buying head OFF shrimp and if my local Asian grocery store had the shrimp that was pre-pealed and deveined I’d probably be buying those instead.

Anyway, while Pinteresting away a few months ago, I ran across this shrimp fritter recipe from Spoon Fork Bacon (seriously, how fun is that blog name?!) and I finally got to try it out today!

As much as I love me some skrimps (hah), there was no way I’d be able to eat 30 fritters on my own (or can I?), so I used 12 shrimp and halved the rest of the ingredients– I got 20 fritters out of it. I ate 5 before I finished cooking them all. For the spicy honey drizzle, I used equal parts honey and sweet chili sauce and added in fresh cracked pink hamalayan salt. I also fried my fritters to a bit more well done because I have a thing with my food being cooked allllllllllll the way. (But I eat sushi and cake/cookie/brownie batter? Go figure). Okay, I have a thing with my foods that shouldn’t be raw being cooked allllll the way.



I will definitely be making these again. This is such an easy recipe and a really great snack or, in my case today, dinner. They’re light on the inside and crispy on the outside. I do think that next time around, I’ll double the green onion and garlic so they pack a little more flavor.

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P.S. – I didn’t eat all 20. I think I got to about 12 and gave up.