Happy Valentine’s Day! + Spring bunny amigurumi

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’ll be honest, my husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. In all the years we’ve been together, both dating and married, we never celebrated. I guess we didn’t find a need to. Nevertheless, I love V-day for all the pretty decorations that you see pop up in stores just about everywhere, even random street corners will have tables filled with flowers, teddy bears, and all kinds of last minute gifts for your loved one.


But now that we have our daughter I find myself even more into the cutesy heart stuff. I wanted to give her something special this year that she can actually use or keep several years, not just candy that she’ll devour in seconds. I’ve been into crochet lately and I recently started looking into amigurumi, which is the Japanese art of making little stuffed animals/toys by either knitting or crocheting and then stuffing them with filling or what I like to call… fluff.

I found this super cute pattern while browsing Allaboutami.com. I had already made a big red crochet flower but I needed something to put it on and I figured one of these cute bunnies would have been perfect.


I will be the first person to say that I am HORRIBLE when it comes to following crochet patterns. I also didn’t have a small crochet hook so I ended up using my good old’ H crochet hook. I feel like my bunny, or at least its head, turned out a lot bigger than what it’s supposed to look like but, hey, I did say I suck at following patterns. For the bottom of the feet and the ears, I just glued on pieces of pink felt since did I mention I also couldn’t find my embroidery needle? I cut the foot felt into little hearts, too.


My bunny kept toppling over when I tried to sit it up, probably because of that huge flower on one side, so I also crocheted a pink puffy heart for the bunny to hold in its opposite hand to balance out some of the weight. It worked!


Overall, this is a fun project and the pattern is easy to follow. And I’d have to say, I think I did a pretty good job at my first attempt at amigurumi. I can’t wait to surprise my daughter with it.