Today’s accesssories – H&M scarf + armcandy

Today’s accessories =).

People that know me know how much I love scarves! I wear them all year round– winter, spring, summer, and fall. I have a tendency to purchase oblong scarves more than any other cut. Square scarves make me feel like a cowboy when I wear them. Infinity scarves aren’t as versatile. If I’m in the mood for an “infinity” scarf, I’ll simply take an oblong scarf and tie the two ends together because I like the look of the knot. It adds a little more oomph. But I broke my oblong-scarves-only rule when I found this beauty.

I got this about a couple years ago from H&M (I LOVE H&M scarves!). It’s a square scarf but it’s HUGE. It is 54″x54″ which is larger than a lot of other square scarves I’ve seen. I can tie the ends together without looking like a cowboy and I get a really nice drape from it. The fabric is thin (you can see through it) and it tends to stick to itself– all the fabric softner and static remover sheets in the world couldn’t help it– but I love it.

The pattern and colors on the scarf were the thing that first caught my attention though (the size of it was an added plus). There’s pale orange, burnt orange, eggplant, royal purple, light gray, dark gray, and pink and the interesting design brings them all together perfectly.
So since it’s chilly but sunny in L.A. today, I decided to wear my lovely scarf along with my light pink/vitrail light crystal & gold chain and brown leather & gold bracelets which I made. You can get your own crystal bracelet here.