Nail decals + a little more!

I’ve been meaning to try to blog more often but unfortunately I’ve failed at that. I’m trying, I really am but life just gets in the way sometimes. I started working out of my home office back in October and it feels like ever since then people at work seem to think I have more time on my hands to work. Sorry, but 8 hours a day is 8 hours a day.

Anyway, I was browsing Instagram one day and I saw that Winnie of LeSassafras posted this photo teasing of a haul she did and I fell in love with the gold decal on her nail. I HAD to know where she got it from so I basically stalked her YouTube channel until the video posted. Enter this awesome website called where practically everything is a dollar. Yes, ONE DOLLAR. Accessories, nail supplies, cosmetics, even underwear. I made a small purchase from the site the same day of a few things for me to try out and I also let my daughter pick something. Our order came in yesterday so shipping time wasn’t bad at all. The best thing is shipping is a flatrate $3.95 so whether you buy one item or fifty shipping will be the same price.


Here’s what I ordered. I ordered a few of the nail decals which was the main reason I wanted to purchase from the site, a necklace, and a headband.


I’ll start with the headband– this is what my daughter picked out. The band itself feels plastic and it’s covered in a satiny ribbon. The bunny part of it is what actually impressed me. It’s a plush filled bunny, the bunny is soft to the touch and it has a decorative ribbon and lace detail on it. When I think of other stores that sell headbands for only a dollar, I tend to think of plain plastic headbands with a cheap fake flower or a ribbon but not a plush bunny like this. Definitely worth $1 and my daughter absolutely loves it.


Isn’t it cute?!

The next thing I bought was a gold tone necklace with rhinestone drops. I have a thing for dainty necklace now. While the website had tons of necklaces both bold and dainty, I opted to just purchase this one.


The quality feels OK, about typical of what you would find in any costume jewelry or something you would get from Forever21. It came on a thin rolo link chain and five dangles from a curved bar. The rhinestones don’t perfectly fit into the little cups on the drops (you can see the dark spaces around the rhinestones) but you can’t really expect much for a bargain piece. I’ll see how long this lasts me before a stone comes off or the jumprings give away.


Last but not least are these pretty 3D nail decals that I purchased. I’m surprised that they had quite a few, some of the pretty dangles I wanted were out of stock so I just bought multiples of one style. In order to attach them to your nails you do have to use glue (I purchased a bottle of nail glue as well). I bought three of the gold swirl design decals, each has one large rhinestone and two small rhinestones. They’re really pretty. .. hence the reason why I bought three.


Excuse my chipping nail polish– I’ve had this white mani on for almost a week and couldn’t hold my excitement to see how the nail decal looks (it isn’t glued on). The gold scroll is slightly larger than my middle finger mail bed but it would still work. I have narrow nail beds, it’s funny because whenever I go to a salon to have my nails done, the nail techs always end up going to the very end of their nail tip cases trying to fit me because they’re so narrow.


I also purchased two other styles of 3D decals. One has a small pink resin rose, pink rhinestone, clear rhinestone cluster, and a white pearl.The backing on it is silver. The other one I bought has pink and aurora borealis finish rhinestones with a silver setting as well. These two, while pretty, I think I’ll have a hard time wearing. The backings on them don’t lay flat or curve with the nail bed– they actually seem more on the convex side. That means more than likely they would snag on something and I’d either get stuck to a sweater or the piece would come off my nail completely.

So that’s all I got for my first purchase from ShopMissA. Yes, I said first because I just placed my SECOND order from the website yesterday! They also carry the lockets and charms to make Origami Owl style necklaces. They carry silver, gold, rose gold, and I think black (?) lockets, most are necklaces but I saw a couple of bracelet styles as well, unfortunately no gold locket bracelet but I may be able to work one of the necklace lockets into a bracelet. The lockets are $5 each and the charms $1 each. REEEEEEEEEALLY great deal when you compare the price to the actual Origami Owl pieces. I’m excited to see the quality on them when my order comes in. As a side note, I also saw supplies to make these style of necklaces at my local Michaels recently so if you can’t find charms that fit you on the ShopMissA website, you can also check at Michaels. I don’t recall the prices though.

In case you couldn’t tell, overall I am very pleased with my shopping experience at If you’re into nail art or fashion accessories at a great price or if you are looking to make a beautiful locket for Mother’s Day, be sure to check it out!




MikayLove Accessories


Christmas is nearing, folks. The weather in Los Angeles has been a roller coaster the last¬†week year. We finally got more rain yesterday. I love the rain because we get the water we so much need and I also get my lawns watered for free, but I hate driving in it. Luckily, yesterday’s commute after work wasn’t too bad, at least for me, and I got see this pretty rainbow in the sky.

I was welcomed home after picking up my daughter with a package waiting with my mail. You ever buy stuff online only to forget you even bought them until they miraculously show up at your doorstep? That’s me. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I’d bought recently so I was a little surprised. When I opened it, I found these:IMG_4180

The package included a handwritten note and two black pillow boxes tied with organza ribbons. They are from the lovely Christianne of MikayLove. MikayLove is a handmade accessories shop that features bracelets, necklace, and rings made out of various chains, beads, crystals, and lacing materials such as suede and velvet. The thing I love most about this company is that a portion of each sale is donated to fight child hunger. As we all know, the Philippines was devastated when it was hit by deadly Typhoon Haiyan earlier last month. My family originated from the Philippines as well as Christianne’s, and almost immediately after she created a Help the Philippines bracelet with all proceeds going to helping the victims of Haiyan. I was so touched by her generosity and desire to help those in need that I contacted her about sending her a Philippine flag inspired macaron. Out of the kindness of her heart, she was going to send me one of her Philippines bracelets. In the package I received yesterday, I instead found these.IMG_4181

Over the course of the year, I was all about stacking my wrists with bracelets but haven’t found the desire to over the last few months (you kind of lose that when you start working from home)… until now. The MikayLove bracelets are gorgeous! The chains she uses have a nice weight to them which I like– they aren’t as light as the aluminum chains that I’m used to receiving. She uses lacing materials with her chains to create a pop of color in each piece which makes them perfect for either wearing alone or with other bracelets. These are suede. The gold bracelet also includes a shiny gold bow detail that is AH-dorable and perfect for the holiday season.

Each bracelet also has a slide bar clasp closure which is secure and makes them easy to put on and take off with one hand. To finish them off, small acrylic tags are attached with “Mikaylove” written on them. I have used clear acrylic tags on previous jewelry pieces and while there are colored jewelry tag options out there like gold and silver, I actually like the clean look of clear acrylic tags. You also don’t have to worry about carrying them in different colors to match the colors used on your pieces ;).


The quality of the materials and the construction are nice so I can see these pieces lasting for quite a while. I got so excited to wear them that I immediately put them on. I actually like this combination of colors.

Check out Mikaylove for handmade, affordable, and quality accessories. She has tons of color variations of the bracelets I pictured above as well as other different styles. If you aren’t following Christianne yet, be sure to follow her at @mikayloveinc for photos, offers, and giveaways!

New Spring pieces

Our family room has been a mess as of late with all of my jewelry supplies hiding in corners, in entertainment centers, and behind baby walkers. I’ve got TONS of supplies waiting to be made into something so I finally put some of them to use over the last week. When I think “spring” I think of flirty girly colors, lots of pastels, and LOTS of bling!

Here are a couple of the pieces I managed to put together while watching two AH-mazing Lakers games the last few days (go Lakers!):

The little birds hanging out in the pictures are from Michaels. I’ve actually got three of them– these two have cut outs on the sides, the third doesn’t have cut outs but has pretty rhinestones on the wings of the bird. I fell in love with them when I first saw them and I knew they were coming home with me immediately. My daughter is OBSESSED with birds and always points them out to me, “Mom, oh, a bee!” She calls them bees. She calls most things by their first letters– my purse is a “pee,” her diaper is a “dee”… Naturally, when she saw these little guys, “Mom, oh, a bee!” If you love them as much as I do, try your local Michaels store. I got them a couple months ago, I think they’re from one of the Spring collections. I saw them maybe a couple weeks ago and I’m pretty sure they were in the clearance section and they had other colors, too. So if you happen to still find any or if you bought them like I did, please share– I’d love to see them.

Today’s accesssories – H&M scarf + armcandy

Today’s accessories =).

People that know me know how much I love scarves! I wear them all year round– winter, spring, summer, and fall. I have a tendency to purchase oblong scarves more than any other cut. Square scarves make me feel like a cowboy when I wear them. Infinity scarves aren’t as versatile. If I’m in the mood for an “infinity” scarf, I’ll simply take an oblong scarf and tie the two ends together because I like the look of the knot. It adds a little more oomph. But I broke my oblong-scarves-only rule when I found this beauty.

I got this about a couple years ago from H&M (I LOVE H&M scarves!). It’s a square scarf but it’s HUGE. It is 54″x54″ which is larger than a lot of other square scarves I’ve seen. I can tie the ends together without looking like a cowboy and I get a really nice drape from it. The fabric is thin (you can see through it) and it tends to stick to itself– all the fabric softner and static remover sheets in the world couldn’t help it– but I love it.

The pattern and colors on the scarf were the thing that first caught my attention though (the size of it was an added plus). There’s pale orange, burnt orange, eggplant, royal purple, light gray, dark gray, and pink and the interesting design brings them all together perfectly.
So since it’s chilly but sunny in L.A. today, I decided to wear my lovely scarf along with my light pink/vitrail light crystal & gold chain and brown leather & gold bracelets which I made. You can get your own crystal bracelet here.