DIY – Easy mini folders with tabs

I had a few comments and messages on my Instagram when I posted my first peak into my Martha Stewart organizer, specifically with the mini folders that I made. They’re super easy to make and I love sharing when people ask nicely so here you go!

First, I created this template that you will want to print out. Click on the image and it will take you to a PDF that you can print.


If you are using printed paper you will want to print on the wrong side of the paper. Here, I am using pretty floral patterned medium weight paper from the Best of Maggie Holmes paper pack that I got at Michaels. This template will produce a finished envelope of 4 3/8″ x 2 1/4″ (plus the height of the tab at the top). You can easily alter the template to make the envelope smaller or larger.

After you have printed out the template on your paper, cut along the solid lines then fold along the dashed lines. The bottom half of the template has tabs on either side of it– these you will glue to the outside back of the envelope.

The tab at the very top folds left to right, glue this down as well. The next step is optional: If you want both sides of the top tab to have the angle, you will just need to snip the left side of the tab at a 45 degree angle.

And you’re done! You can make tons of these in lots of fun patterns or colors and use them any way you’d like– glue them onto another sheet of paper like I did to create a divider with pockets or include them in your letters or gifts to loved ones to hold a little surprise!

I probably should have posted photos doing this step by step or at least a video… but my printer ran out of ink so I can’t print one now myself even if I wanted to. If you have any questions on assembling the envelope, please let me know!


Mini Tour – Living Room


One of the things I was most excited about when we moved into our new home was decorating. However, one of the things we neglected to account for was when you buy a larger home, you have to buy more furniture and decor to fill it up. It’s been more than two years since we moved into our home and we aren’t nearly close to being fully “moved in.” One of the rooms in our home, though, that I have close to complete is our living room.

Our living room doesn’t get much use. Aside from the occasional visitor and quiet mommy time while my daughter is sleeping, it’s basically just there to look pretty. Prior to moving out of my parents’ home, I was mostly into Asian-inspired design. However, I opted for a different style with our home. For our living room, I decided on a lighter color palette with black to balance things out and little pops of color in certain areas.


Freshly moving into a home, we decorated on a budget. One of the first things we bought for the room was a sofa. I wanted a white sofa but the thought of someone sitting on it in brand new denim and leaving a mark scared the heck out of me. We found this one at a random furniture store in Buena Park (I forgot the name of the shop). It’s a good compromise between what I really wanted and what was practical. It’s a light cream color what satisfied my need for something bright and it’s also microfiber material so it’s easy to clean. The bottom cushions are firm which I much prefer versus softer cushions that you sink into. Added bonus: it folds out to a full-size bed. Yay for sofa beds! The frilly throw pillows are in an ivory color that I purchased I believe from Ross for around $15.00 each.


The next thing we bought was this FAB rug. It’s a low pile rug which was important to me so dirt doesn’t hide in there but it’s still super soft. It’s a large floral design with black, different shades of gray, and a muted cream color. The colors go very well with our window curtains which are also black with a grey embroidered designed (you can see a glimpse of them in the first photo of this post). My mom fought me for the longest time when I told her I wanted black curtains but I told her to trust me. Anyway, I got the rug for a great price– $99.00 at Home Depot. Best score!

Our coffee table is the Lack coffee table from Ikea in white. Initially, I wanted it in birch but it was sold out when we went to Ikea. We went with white instead and I am very happy with that decision. You can find the table here. It’s lines are simple and clean, there’s a shelf underneath for storage, and it really pops against our rug. I believe it’s also the same coffee table that ThatsHeart has.


I got two of these arm chairs from another random furniture shop for, I think, $60.00 each. You can’t really tell from the photo but they’re a dark chocolate brown color. Originally, I was going to use them in our family room but our sofa takes up so much room that I just stuck them in our living room for extra seating.


Our mantel is cluttered with lots of fun stuff: Khloe’s 1st and 2nd birthday photos (both photos were taken by me), a family photo from the L.A. Zoo, some fun lanterns from Ikea, shiny silver candle from Michaels, three little white birds also from Michaels, a couple of “vases” I made out of empty wine bottles wrapped in twine, another vase I DIY’d with pink silk tulips, and an abstract painting I made a few months ago.IMG_8247

Next to our sofa, we have this simple metal side table which is also from Ikea called the Lindved (you can get it here). We actually got the Klingsbo side table for this spot but my mom liked it so she took that table and we got the Lindved. On top of it are another vase I DIY’d which you can’t see (it’s another white and silver vase), filled with silk peonies which are one of my favorite flowers, a digital picture frame that is only turned on when we have visitors, and a couple of recent DIY projects I did.


I’ve been wanted to make another painting for our living room for the longest time. Yesterday, I let my daughter do some painting since she’d been asking to for a while so at the same time I plopped down and made this initial painting. The A stands for “amazing.” Oh, and it’s also the first letter of our last name. The three guys in front of the painting are some plastic animal figurines that I handpainted in white and have gold and rose chrome details. I’m thinking about listing them in my Etsy shop— what do you think, yes or no? They can be used simply as room decor, I’ve even used them as ring holders.


And, of course, our daughter has her own special spot in the living room:


Her grandma got her this Hello Kitty tent from a yard sale or something for $3.00. Not bad but it got a reeeeeally deep cleaning before Khloe even got to step anywhere near it. She doesn’t use it as often and she did when she first got it but it’s a nice place to store some of her toys– she’s got LOADS of them. Oh and, yes, those are Christmas lights still hung on our stairway. They’ve been up for this long, I might as well leave them up for next Christmas!

There are just a couple other things in our living room that I haven’t shown you– our bookcase which isn’t anything exciting, and my new sewing/craft area which is in the works.

Hope you enjoyed!

Mahalmade – Clay macarons

I’ve always loved making things by hand. It started when I was a kid—I beaded, I drew, I made random junk like Styrofoam houses and even tried to make flip flops out of paper. Yeah, really. Needless to say, the flip flops didn’t last very long. One of those hobbies was creating things like tiny animals out of polymer clay. I think that lasted all of a couple weeks before my mom told me I couldn’t use the oven anymore for non-food items. Well, guess what? I have my own oven now, HAH. So when Michaels was having an awesome deal on polymer clay, I picked up a few packs and went to work.

I was getting tired of making jewelry out of the same materials that everyone else uses so off I went crafting away. At the same time (not literally, but you get what I mean) I was also re-visiting baking macarons and I figured, heyyyyyyyy, clay macarons! Even if my real ones come out shitty, atleast I’ll have cute clay macarons to fall back on. And so my clay macaron obsession began.

I made large ones, tiny ones, heavy ones, light ones, round ones, heart ones…


Macarons as charms, macarons as earrings, and (my favorite) macarons on keychains. Macarons paired with gold plated charms, paired with beads, and paired with printed cotton ribbon.

The large macaron keychains are my favorite pieces. They’re bold but still pretty. They shine because of the rhinestones. The smaller macarons are dainty but fill the need for something cute.

The best part about clay macarons though? All the satisfaction of having one of these delicate, sweet confections without all the calories!

My favorite flavors that I’ve had (real macarons now) are passionfruit and salted caramel– maybe I’ll make clay versions of those. What are your favorite macaron flavors?

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