Friday mani – Glitter!

I love glitter. Not much else to say. So when I saw Marta Warmuz‘s nail post yesterday, I fell in love with, of all things, her pinky finger nail! It was glitter bomb heaven! Kindly enough, she commented with what polishes she used but, sadly, I didn’t have either of them. Instead, I used whatever I had available. I used two coats of Ulta Tink-her-bell, one coat of Wet ‘n Wild Flossy Flossy from the Fergie Collection, one coat of Glamorous also from the Fergie collection, and another coat of Flossy Flossy. Here’s what I got:



Not nearly as pretty as Marta’s but it cured my need for glitter nails. I think I could have stood to do another layer of densely packed Flossy Flossy but I can always do it later. My mani is, however, missing some pastel color so more than likely a couple nails on each hand are getting re-done tonight after work… but before the Lakers game.

I also want to share my accessories from yesterday! I’m not much of a necklace person– I always wear the same necklace with the short chain and tiny bird on it because my daughter has a matching necklace. I don’t usually wear a whole lot of rings– I wear my wedding band and engagement ring no matter what and they’re good enough for me. I wear one pair of diamond studs in my ears– I have three holes in each ear lobe but I always end up losing my earrings or earring backs… which eventually leads to losing the earring itself. So, I pack on the bracelets. I work with different kinds of chain so much that I forget how pretty and elegant beaded bracelets can be sometimes. I really don’t use acrylic beads with the exception of my floral bracelets such as this one  so I made these the other day and wore them to work yesterday. The white bracelet is made with quartzite beads and the pink and light blue mint are dyed jade. I also used brass faceted glass disco beads and aurora borealis faceted glass beads.


Are any of you on Etsy or Instagram? Who are some of your favorite IG nail polish gurus? Hope you all have a fab Friday!

DIY “Liquid Sand” Texture Nails

Ever since I saw a swatch of OPI’s Pussy Galore Liquid Sand from the Bond girls collection on someone’s Instagram, and I can’t for the life of me remember who it was, I’ve been on the hunt for it and I haven’t been able to find it in stores anywhere! Soooo, just like I did before I found my “perfect polish,” I made my own.

I searched the web for DIY tutorials and found one that used dryer sheets but it wasn’t the texture I was looking for. The Daily Varnish has a tutorial but it used embossing powder which I didn’t have on hand. It would have required a trip to my local Michaels Arts & Crafts store which can end up being dangerous because there is so much other stuff I could end up buying. I finally found this tutorial from Spektor’s Nails which was perfect because I had everything on hand already.

Here’s what I used:

IMG_5096Sinful Colors Starfish, Recollections extra fine glitter in Blush, and NYC Matte Me Crazy mattifying topcoat

I bought the glitter about a year ago in a pack of I think 20 or 24 from Michaels. It came with lots of pretty colors. Regular price is either $19.99 or $29.99 but at the time I used a 50% off coupon so I paid a reeeeally good price for the amount, colors, and quality of the glitter I bought. I’d definitely recommend Recollections glitter if you don’t want to splurge on Martha Stewart glitter which are also really great but also more expensive.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures during the process. I’m horrible at it and I started them so late I wanted to just get it over with and go to sleep. So here’s what I did:

  • Apply one coast of base coat on all nails. I use one I got from Ulta. The formula is a transparent green.
  • Apply one coat of my base color on all nails, Sinful Colors Starfish.
  • Working one nail at a time, apply a second coat of color. While the polish is still wet, sprinkle on the glitter all over your nail and gently pat the glitter into the wet polish. Be careful not to press too hard or move it around. Do this for all nails.
  • Apply one coat of matte top coat.

And there you have it!




So maybe it isn’t exactly like Pussy Galore but overall I am very pleased with the results… you know, if you ignore my ugly cuticles. The process was painless and the tutorial was very easy to follow though I didn’t use the fan brush to apply the glitter. I thought I was going to have to actually mix something into my nail polish which, thankfully, I didn’t have to do. Be sure to check out the tutorial here.

What do you think about the liquid sand nails and/or textured nails in general? Let me know if you have any liquid sand formulas or if you give the tutorial a try– I’d love to see your results!

Review: R. Hobby Cosmetics – custom polish

Being on Instagram is awesome but it’s also a horrible, horrible thing. Horrible because it has refueled my obsession for nail polish. Pretty pictures of nail art and nail polish swatches are EVERYWHERE. I’ve always wondered how easy it would be to “make” my own polishes. The “easy” DIYs tell you to just use a clear nailpolish and good ol’ glitter. It’s not that easy, people, trust me– I’ve tried it. The glitter sinks to the bottom and if you added any color to it using other polishes you have, the colors separate and begin looking pretty… ugly.

After my failed attempt at making glitter polish the cheap way, I looked into the CORRECT way to make them… annnnnd it can get pretty costly to buy all the supplies– suspension base, solvent resistant glitters, empty bottles, mixing balls, etc. And that’s when my mission to find my perfect polish began. I looked through all the pictures on profiles of the custom polish makers that I follow on Instagram, asked for recommendations, then started looking around Etsy. That is when I found this pretty polish by R. Hobby Cosmetics, it was almost there but it wasn’t EXACTLY what I was looking for.

My “perfect polish” had different sizes of pastel glitters, white glitter, and hints of gold glitter all in a white or light muted jelly base. Rachel’s Hydrangea Cake topper covered the most important parts (the glitter) and it was a definite added plus that it had lots of different white glitter, including bar glitter! So I convo’d her on Etsy and she had a white base on the way! And so, in about a week and a half after our initial communication, I had my very own customized polish in my hands and on my nails. The great thing about indie nail polishes is how unique they are and how you can request for a custom polish.

My beautiful full-size polish came safely packaged wrapped in bubble wrap surrounded by packaging paper (is that what it’s called?).


IMG_4081It is a customized version of Hydrangea Cake. It is filled with large and medium baby blue glitter, medium hexagon and square light green glitter, medium hexagon and square pink glitter, large and medium hexagon white glitter, white bar glitter, and small square and tiny hexagon or round glitter of all of these beautiful colors with an ever so slight gold shimmer all in a white jelly base. It’s a reeeally pretty polish in these pictures but it is absolutely gorgeous in person.

IMG_4080The brush is a pretty standard brush and the bottle contains a ball to mix the polish (not sure how many are in there but it’s definitely there).


This is three coats of this polish, one coat of Revlon quick dry topcoat, and one coat of Nail-Aid 3 Minute Artificials to even it out and give it a high gloss shine. This is in natural light. Don’t mind my middle finger nail– it broke, just like my middle finger nail on my other hand. I have no idea how I broke both of them =(.IMG_4102

The polish applied easily and the brush came out chock full of glitter with no problem. As with most nail polishes with chunky glitter, I did need to fish out some glitter and place them where I wanted them. It’s a beautiful blend and if I hadn’t asked for it to be customized, I think it would have still been a great glitter topper on any other nail polish base. IMG_4101

Hydrangea Cake topper
customized with white jelly base w/ subtle gold shimmer
Price – $8.00

Shop: R. Hobby Cosmetics

Revlon Girly + Wet n Wild Flossy Flossy

I’m the type of person that has to get up and do something in the morning– I can’t just wake up and do nothing. So what else is there to do when the house is clean and breakfast is cooked? Go to Target! Oh, but I wanted to look at fabric at Joann, too, so go to Wal-Mart! The Wal-Mart just down the street from where I live is perhaps the most ghetto Wal-Mart I’ve ever been to so if I’m not in my parents’ neck of the woods, I make the 11 mile trip to the nicer one out in Porter Ranch.

While browsing the cosmetics section, I saw the beautiful brightly lit one-side-of-the-aisle display of… dun dun dunnnn… nail polishes and nail products. It was pretty spectacular, even my daughter thought so.
They even had a couple of brands that I’d never seen before, and across from the display was good ‘ol Revlon. With so many options I just couldn’t choose! I kid you not, I spent atleast half an hour going from side-to-side picking up bottles, holding them up, looking up swatches of them online. People probably thought I was crazy! I was limiting myself to only one bottle. For about 10 minutes, I was down to Sally Hansen Snow Globe, Revlon Heavenly, and Revlon Girly. I really wanted a pretty polish with holographic glitter so I could use it whenever I wear one of my aurora borealis bracelets like this one but I couldn’t pick between the two (Snow Globe and Heavenly) so I ended up going the other direction and picked up Girly. Girly is a pinkish milky base with royal purple and fuschia medium hex glitters and small pink, purple, and holo glitters. I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out. I didn’t get around to it until the evening though.