New Spring pieces

Our family room has been a mess as of late with all of my jewelry supplies hiding in corners, in entertainment centers, and behind baby walkers. I’ve got TONS of supplies waiting to be made into something so I finally put some of them to use over the last week. When I think “spring” I think of flirty girly colors, lots of pastels, and LOTS of bling!

Here are a couple of the pieces I managed to put together while watching two AH-mazing Lakers games the last few days (go Lakers!):

The little birds hanging out in the pictures are from Michaels. I’ve actually got three of them– these two have cut outs on the sides, the third doesn’t have cut outs but has pretty rhinestones on the wings of the bird. I fell in love with them when I first saw them and I knew they were coming home with me immediately. My daughter is OBSESSED with birds and always points them out to me, “Mom, oh, a bee!” She calls them bees. She calls most things by their first letters– my purse is a “pee,” her diaper is a “dee”… Naturally, when she saw these little guys, “Mom, oh, a bee!” If you love them as much as I do, try your local Michaels store. I got them a couple months ago, I think they’re from one of the Spring collections. I saw them maybe a couple weeks ago and I’m pretty sure they were in the clearance section and they had other colors, too. So if you happen to still find any or if you bought them like I did, please share– I’d love to see them.

Today’s accesssories – H&M scarf + armcandy

Today’s accessories =).

People that know me know how much I love scarves! I wear them all year round– winter, spring, summer, and fall. I have a tendency to purchase oblong scarves more than any other cut. Square scarves make me feel like a cowboy when I wear them. Infinity scarves aren’t as versatile. If I’m in the mood for an “infinity” scarf, I’ll simply take an oblong scarf and tie the two ends together because I like the look of the knot. It adds a little more oomph. But I broke my oblong-scarves-only rule when I found this beauty.

I got this about a couple years ago from H&M (I LOVE H&M scarves!). It’s a square scarf but it’s HUGE. It is 54″x54″ which is larger than a lot of other square scarves I’ve seen. I can tie the ends together without looking like a cowboy and I get a really nice drape from it. The fabric is thin (you can see through it) and it tends to stick to itself– all the fabric softner and static remover sheets in the world couldn’t help it– but I love it.

The pattern and colors on the scarf were the thing that first caught my attention though (the size of it was an added plus). There’s pale orange, burnt orange, eggplant, royal purple, light gray, dark gray, and pink and the interesting design brings them all together perfectly.
So since it’s chilly but sunny in L.A. today, I decided to wear my lovely scarf along with my light pink/vitrail light crystal & gold chain and brown leather & gold bracelets which I made. You can get your own crystal bracelet here.