Exxopolis Luminarium

A couple of weeks ago, Cal State Long Beach hosted the Exxopolis luminarium on campus and it was open to the public for four days. When I saw pictures, I immediately knew… I HAD TO GO. There are a few things that I have always been fascinated by: fireworks, pretty colored lights, water fountains, and funky shaped architecture. I think Exxopolis loosely fits into the pretty colored lights category as well as funky shaped architecture.

I perused the Architects of Air website for information about Exxopolis. So on the Saturday of the exhibit weekend, four generations of the women in my family made the short drive to the university ready to be mesmerized. When we pulled into the parking lot of the Pyramid, we saw this funky thing in the grassy field: IMG_5152

Kind of looks like a blow up version of something out of the King Arthur days, doesn’t it? OK, maybe it’s just me who thinks that. We purchased our tickets and waited in line for about 30-45 minutes. It was a cloudy day with questionable rain and I had an impatient 2 year old bouncing around so it was a very long 30-45 minute long wait. But I thought it was worth it because when we stepped into the unusual “building” I was immediately in awe.

Now remember when I said it loosely fits into the pretty color lights category? That’s because there are no lights! No man-made lights anyway. The entire plastic luminarium is lit by natural light. The colors that you see are created by the natural light through different colors of plastic material. It was remarkable. The structure had three rooms– red, green, and blue, curved walls, with round alcoves in and around each room. One in particular had AH-mazing panels that were created to resemble stained glass windows.


Another housed a structure called “The Tree” for obvious reasons.


I couldn’t get crazy with the angles because there were quite of few people already inside by the time we got in and I wanted as many people-less pictures as I could get. We wandered around for about 20 minutes which was the “time limit” everyone was given. My kiddo didn’t seem to pleased about leaving either.


Anywho, read on for more pictures.

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