In the Spotlight

A few months ago, Walgreens had this really great deal on Sinful Colors’ nail polishes for $1.00 a bottle. It was around the time when the Spring 2013 Collections were released. I picked up four from the Sugar Rush Collection which contained all pastel colors. Then there was the Almost Famous Collection which were all glitter packed and, unfortunately, I only bought a couple polishes from the Almost Famous Collection. The one I used today is In the Spotlight which is a sheer green shimmer base with what look like pink, green, yellow, and glitters. Kind of makes me think of Mardi Gras in a way.  When I first bought it I was slightly disappointed by the swatch because it was very sheer and the green tinted base was, well, a little on the ugly side so it sat in my polish drawer for months being untouched. When I was deciding what to do with my nails last night, I wanted to use one that I hadn’t yet used or didn’t use often so this finally came out of hibernation.

This is two coats of OPI’s Thanks a Windmillion from their Spring 2012 Holland Collection along with two coats of In the Spotlight and one coat of Sally Hansen Snowglobe to add a little iridescence.


I’ve learned that with nail polishes, you can’t really decide if you like a color simply on your first impression of it. I hated this polish when I first got it but now seeing it layered with a base color and a little iridescent glitter in the mix, it is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. The glitter in Snowglobe is very sparse so it doesn’t add too much to the look but the little iridescent glitter that you do see really give this mani that final touch. I’m actually regretting not getting others from the Almost Famous Collection.


Here’s a macro shot of it.


Fourth of July Mani Re-do!

I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July celebrations! Ours was a success- a bbq at my parents’ home with family followed by fireworks at night? It’s just as good as Christmas. I ended up re-doing my mani for yesterday afterall. The full on glitter mani was too much impact for me so I “toned it down” to a glitter gradient/glitter tip mani.


This is in natural light/outdoor but in the shade. I used a ton more different glitter nail polishes. I used one thin coat of Nailtini’s Frappe that I got from an Ipsy glambag as a base color on all of my nails. Then I used the dabbing method to apply the following glitters (yes, all of them): Sally Hansen’s Big Money, /0/” target=”_blank”>Milani’s Gems, Nicole by OPI’s Inner Sparkle, Wet n Wild’s Flossy Flossy, and Nina gold holographic topcoat.

I absolutely love the result with all of these combined. If I could find ONE nail polish that incorporated all of these gorgeous glitter colors I would be so happy.



What do you think– full glitter mani or glitter gradient/tips?

Fourth of July Mani

I have never really done a holiday themed manicure. I attempted to do one yesterday with the cliche red, white, and blue for 4th of July but the colors just looked awkward on me so I had to think of something else to do. Mind you this all happened at 9pm last night. I needed something quick and clean up would be easy. Earlier in the day I took a trip to Target and browsed the cosmetics (naturally) looking for a rainbow colored glitter after I wrote that wish list post yesterday. I found two that I liked– one from Milani and another from Nicole by OPI from the Selena Gomez collection. The winner between the two was the Milani glitter called Gems and it won by $4.00. What can I say, I’m cheap thrifty.I figured I could layer a few different glitter polishes that I already have with it if I wanted to get a similar effect. Plus, I have two other glitters coming in that I ordered from Feli’s nail polish sale.

So Milani Gems it was. I thought about doing a glitter gradient but it would have taken too long. I thought of doing a single glitter accent nail and painting the rest a solid color but then I’d have to wait for everything to dry and my experience is that glitter dries faster. Full glitter mani it is!

I call this “The Grand Finale.” At the end of a fireworks show, they shoot up the last of the fireworks in an amazing display of cluttered, colorful, shininess into the air. And you get this (minus all the smoke):


This is one thin layer of Sally Hansen Big Money from the Gem Crush collection, two coats of Milani Gems, and one thin coat of a teal glitter from Forever 21. I fell asleep before I could add on a topcoat.


I may either add another layer of Gems to build the glitter up more or just take it all off and use it for a glitter gradient like Marta did here. Ugh, see how GORGEOUS piCture pOlish’s Blogger is?! I will get my hands on that nail polish. But in the meantime, here is a macro shot of my nail for fun:


Anyway, to all my readers that will be celebrating our Independence Day tomorrow, I hope you all have a fun time but also be safe and enjoy!

Monday Mani – Purple Snow Globe

I swoon whenever I see beautifully done gradient/ombre manis. I tried once using the sponge method but it looked terrible and used way too much nail polish. Instead, I just brush on my colors that I want to use for a “gradient” look then cover it all up with glitter hoping to hide some of the harsh lines. Tricky, huh?


Today’s Monday Mani uses three different purple nail polishes and one glitter nailpolish. From my cuticle to tip of my nail, they are Revlon Enchanting, Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, and Sinful Colors Candy Coated. The glitter I used is Sally Hansen Snow Globe that I just recently picked up. Sally Hansen’s Snow Globe is from the Complete Salon Manicure line. It’s a clear base with beautiful medium hex and tiny iridescent glitter. I’ve been dying to find one! It’s really beautiful in the bottle. Unfortunately, I didn’t look at swatches online before making the purchase though. While it’s absolutely breathtaking in the bottle, the glitter is sparse and I had to do a whole lot of fishing for the larger glitter just to get what you see on my nails. It’s a thicker formula than others that I’ve used but it applies quite beautifully and doesn’t take too long to dry. So my main gripe with it is just the amount of glitter. This is TWO coats of it.


I’m pretty pleased with my non-gradient gradient mani. I’ve been wearing my nails pink and/or mint so often that it’s nice to have a different color on my nails right now. Here’s a closer look at it:


I swoon!

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Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sour Apple

I’ll admit– when the textured nail craze first started, I didn’t want anything to do with it. I loved my super shiny nails. I was a little surprised at myself when I bought my first matte topcoat. Then even more surprised when I did my first DIY textured nails but still refused to buy one already made. Little did I know that I’d end up buying my first textured nail polish because of a $4.00 off any Sally Hansen nail polish ($4.99 or more regular price) coupon and a picture that ThatsHeart posted on Instagram.


While doing my regular cosmetic section browsing at Target, I saw the Sally Hansen display on one of the aisle ends and they had both the Fuzzy Coats and Sugar Coats. The fuzzy coats didn’t strike my fancy– they just looked like plain bar glitter in clear bases, maybe the glitter curls to create a “fuzzy” texture? Who knows, but I’m a believer that glitter on your nails should NOT lift up. The Sugar Coats did catch my eye and specifically the color Sour Apple. It’s a pretty mint color (as if I don’t have enough mint nail polishes already, right?). At my local Target, these were regular price $5.99 each but with my $4.00 off coupon, I only paid $1.99.

I didn’t know what to expect when I first applied this polish, I thought the texture would appear as as the polish dried kind of like the crackle nailpolishes. However, this applied with sort of a granular texture right off the brush and it developed more as it dried. The formula did apply easily and I reach full opacity after three coats. I also applied a thin layer of matte top coat (I use the one by NYC). Without the topcoat, the polish had a more defined texture, the topcoat kind of smoothed it out a little.

I like the nail polish. It’s definitely different from the usual smooth, glossy nails that I wear. The texture doesn’t really both me with the matte topcoat but without it, it is a bit on the coarse side. I may not purchase anymore of them because, let’s face it, the DIY method I used in the past gets similar results (but it added a bit of sparkle because of the glitter I used) without having to buy additional materials since I already have everything on hand but IF I were to purchase another there was a white polish that I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.

Have you tried any textured nail polishes? What are your thoughts on them?

Monday Mani – pink, tiffany blue, & glitter

In the middle of watching the first episode of season three of Game of Thrones (that show is addicting!), I managed to spruce up my nails. Here’s what I used:IMG_4386

Left to right: Sinful Colors Starfish, Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter, white liner from Kiss, Sally Hansen Strobelight, and Ulta Tink-her-bell


1st finger (thumb): two coats Starfish
2nd finger: two coats Tiffany Imposter, two coats Starfish for chevron tip, one coat white liner
3rd & 4th fingers: one coat Starfish, two coats Strobelight, one coat Tink-herbell
5th finger (pinky): two coats Starfish, two coats Tiffany Imposter for chevron tip, one coat white liner

IMG_4376 IMG_4389

In terms of color and formula, these polishes are some of my faves. The colors are great and I am a fan of anything Tiffany/robin’s egg blue. The Finger Paints polish is actually one of the best formulas I’ve worked with. It is opaque in one coat, though I always use atleast two. It applies very smoothly and evenly and dries to a nice, creamy finish.

Floral, polka dot, & glitter nails

What can all of these polishes, a bobby pin, and a few teeny tiny pearl cabochons do for you?

Left to right: Sally Hansen Bubble Gum Pink, Wet n Wild Undercover, Finger Paints Don’t Make a Scene, Wet n Wild French White Creme, Maybelline Green With Envy, Sinful Colors Mint Apple, Sally Hansen Green With Envy, and Kiss Black.

This. Don’t mind the cuticles (as usual).

This was my first attempt at nail art, not just adding some glitter on my nails. Well, okay, I did that on one nail one and a half nails. I was always so intimated by painting designs on my nails whenever I looked at pictures but I was so surprised at how easy this really was. Originally, the design didn’t have the pearl cabochons or black centers but I decided they needed a little extra oomph! so this happened.

 I’m pleased with how it turned out but I don’t expect to turn into nail artist pro overnight.

As usual, my cuticles are pretty crappy. One of these days I’ll get into caring for them. One of these days… Do you have any products that you would recommend? What’s your routine?

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