Wet n Wild Fergie Collection – Going Platinum


When it comes to metallics, I tend to stick to things like golds, rose golds, and champagnes. While browsing some store a few months ago, I came across this lonely bottle of Wet n Wild nail polish. It’s from the Fergie Collection in the color Going Platinum. It caught my eye because 1) someone had placed it in the wrong spot so of course it stuck out like a sore thumb and 2) it was shiny. Looking at the bottle in the store, it just looked like a metallic silver toned polish. I typically don’t buy silver because I think it looks horrible on me but I bought it anyway because I was shopping around for colors for a giveaway and I figured someone out there would like a silver polish. When I got home, I stored it away and it sat untouched for months.

Fast forward to a couple days ago when I unburied this. I figured I might as well keep it and give it a try.IMG_3968

Wow! I was definitely surprised when I applied this polish. These photos are with three coats of Going Platinum. It’s not just silver like I had initially thought. It’s a shiny metallic but what surprised me, and I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before, is that there are actually gold/bronze specks in the polish. They aren’t chunky so it isn’t TOO noticeable but they lay flat with the rest of the polish.


It’s gorgeous. I want to say I paid $2.99 for this polish (more than likely I used a $1 off coupon) and I’m not sure if this is carried in stores anymore. BUT if you happen to come across this polish at your local drugstore, I would highly recommend that you pick it up. It’s a beautiful, unique color with a smooth formula.

Fourth of July Mani Re-do!

I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July celebrations! Ours was a success- a bbq at my parents’ home with family followed by fireworks at night? It’s just as good as Christmas. I ended up re-doing my mani for yesterday afterall. The full on glitter mani was too much impact for me so I “toned it down” to a glitter gradient/glitter tip mani.


This is in natural light/outdoor but in the shade. I used a ton more different glitter nail polishes. I used one thin coat of Nailtini’s Frappe that I got from an Ipsy glambag as a base color on all of my nails. Then I used the dabbing method to apply the following glitters (yes, all of them): Sally Hansen’s Big Money, /0/” target=”_blank”>Milani’s Gems, Nicole by OPI’s Inner Sparkle, Wet n Wild’s Flossy Flossy, and Nina gold holographic topcoat.

I absolutely love the result with all of these combined. If I could find ONE nail polish that incorporated all of these gorgeous glitter colors I would be so happy.



What do you think– full glitter mani or glitter gradient/tips?

Friday mani – Glitter!

I love glitter. Not much else to say. So when I saw Marta Warmuz‘s nail post yesterday, I fell in love with, of all things, her pinky finger nail! It was glitter bomb heaven! Kindly enough, she commented with what polishes she used but, sadly, I didn’t have either of them. Instead, I used whatever I had available. I used two coats of Ulta Tink-her-bell, one coat of Wet ‘n Wild Flossy Flossy from the Fergie Collection, one coat of Glamorous also from the Fergie collection, and another coat of Flossy Flossy. Here’s what I got:



Not nearly as pretty as Marta’s but it cured my need for glitter nails. I think I could have stood to do another layer of densely packed Flossy Flossy but I can always do it later. My mani is, however, missing some pastel color so more than likely a couple nails on each hand are getting re-done tonight after work… but before the Lakers game.

I also want to share my accessories from yesterday! I’m not much of a necklace person– I always wear the same necklace with the short chain and tiny bird on it because my daughter has a matching necklace. I don’t usually wear a whole lot of rings– I wear my wedding band and engagement ring no matter what and they’re good enough for me. I wear one pair of diamond studs in my ears– I have three holes in each ear lobe but I always end up losing my earrings or earring backs… which eventually leads to losing the earring itself. So, I pack on the bracelets. I work with different kinds of chain so much that I forget how pretty and elegant beaded bracelets can be sometimes. I really don’t use acrylic beads with the exception of my floral bracelets such as this one  so I made these the other day and wore them to work yesterday. The white bracelet is made with quartzite beads and the pink and light blue mint are dyed jade. I also used brass faceted glass disco beads and aurora borealis faceted glass beads.


Are any of you on Etsy or Instagram? Who are some of your favorite IG nail polish gurus? Hope you all have a fab Friday!

Revlon Girly + Wet n Wild Flossy Flossy

I’m the type of person that has to get up and do something in the morning– I can’t just wake up and do nothing. So what else is there to do when the house is clean and breakfast is cooked? Go to Target! Oh, but I wanted to look at fabric at Joann, too, so go to Wal-Mart! The Wal-Mart just down the street from where I live is perhaps the most ghetto Wal-Mart I’ve ever been to so if I’m not in my parents’ neck of the woods, I make the 11 mile trip to the nicer one out in Porter Ranch.

While browsing the cosmetics section, I saw the beautiful brightly lit one-side-of-the-aisle display of… dun dun dunnnn… nail polishes and nail products. It was pretty spectacular, even my daughter thought so.
They even had a couple of brands that I’d never seen before, and across from the display was good ‘ol Revlon. With so many options I just couldn’t choose! I kid you not, I spent atleast half an hour going from side-to-side picking up bottles, holding them up, looking up swatches of them online. People probably thought I was crazy! I was limiting myself to only one bottle. For about 10 minutes, I was down to Sally Hansen Snow Globe, Revlon Heavenly, and Revlon Girly. I really wanted a pretty polish with holographic glitter so I could use it whenever I wear one of my aurora borealis bracelets like this one but I couldn’t pick between the two (Snow Globe and Heavenly) so I ended up going the other direction and picked up Girly. Girly is a pinkish milky base with royal purple and fuschia medium hex glitters and small pink, purple, and holo glitters. I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out. I didn’t get around to it until the evening though.

Floral, polka dot, & glitter nails

What can all of these polishes, a bobby pin, and a few teeny tiny pearl cabochons do for you?

Left to right: Sally Hansen Bubble Gum Pink, Wet n Wild Undercover, Finger Paints Don’t Make a Scene, Wet n Wild French White Creme, Maybelline Green With Envy, Sinful Colors Mint Apple, Sally Hansen Green With Envy, and Kiss Black.

This. Don’t mind the cuticles (as usual).

This was my first attempt at nail art, not just adding some glitter on my nails. Well, okay, I did that on one nail one and a half nails. I was always so intimated by painting designs on my nails whenever I looked at pictures but I was so surprised at how easy this really was. Originally, the design didn’t have the pearl cabochons or black centers but I decided they needed a little extra oomph! so this happened.

 I’m pleased with how it turned out but I don’t expect to turn into nail artist pro overnight.

As usual, my cuticles are pretty crappy. One of these days I’ll get into caring for them. One of these days… Do you have any products that you would recommend? What’s your routine?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you celebrate it or not, Happy Valentine’s Day!
My husband and I usually don’t do anything for this “holiday”… but it doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in all the cutesy, pink and red, heart-shaped stuff that’s out there. I’ll admit, I’m not much of a fan of Krispy Kreme donuts– they are WAY too sweet for me. But, come on, heart-shaped donuts with pink, red, and white sprinkles? No way I’m turning these down!
Also updated my nails. I’m wearing two coats of L’oreal Penthouse pink, one coat of Flossy flossy, a thin layer of a Wet n Wild white polish on my tips, and a teeny, tiny heart on my ring finger in Wet n Wild Undercover that you can barely see. 
Speaking of Flossy flossy, remember my first review about it and how I’d say I’d probably buy another bottle or two? And how I also mentioned Jewelry Heist? Um….. yeah. This happened.
What can I say, when I like something, I reeeeally like it. I did a quick swatch of Spoiled’s Jewelry Heist and compared it to Flossy flossy. While it looks similar, the two aren’t exactly the same. Flossy Flossy doesn’t have the blue microglitter that Jewelry Heist has. The small glitter in JH are also more on the iridescent side than in FF. I didn’t see much of (if any) of the medium gold hexagon glitter either. Those weren’t too big of an issue for me. The deal breaker for me, though, is that JH isn’t as densely packed with glitter as FF is. So the winner here for me? Flossy flossy. 

Review: Revlon Enchanting

Whenever I don’t know what color to paint my nails, my go-to color is usually purple and Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in Lively lilac. Well, my Lively lilac has… dried out?

Over the weekend, I also picked up a Revlon polish in the color Enchanting (buy 1 get 1 50% off!) which is the first Revlon polish I’ve owned. I used them before when I was much younger. This was before I bought nail polish and I used whatever my mom had which basically consisted of reds, pinks, and clear coats.

The bottle is definitely pretty. Simple with a black brush handle and gold trim. Something about gold that gets me every time. Anywho, my last mani looked like my base color was cracking so it was time to switch up the nails. After about half an hour of trying to figure out what color to use, I remembered that I had this little baby and put it to work.

It’s a reeeeally pretty deep lavender color. Lively lilac is more pink toned so it’s a nice change. The Revlon Enchanting went on so smooth, I was actually really surprised. When first applied, there was a slight somewhat pinkish shimmer to it but looking at the color now that it has dried, it’s a nice smooth creme. This took me two coats for full opacity– I tend to use thin coats so some of you may be able to even get away with just one.

Don’t mind my crappy cuticles– I suck at them. This is with one coat of Wet n Wild’s Fergie Collection glitter in Glamorous which is a clear base filled with medium gold hexagon glitter and tiny gold square glitters. And just for kicks, here’s a picture of my nails and my breakfast– I love these little manzano bananas! I added a really thin coat of Flossy flossy (have I mentioned how much I love that polish yet?). This also gives another view of the color under bright lights. I’ll take an outdoor picture when the sun comes out =).

Would I buy this again? Absolutely. I’m sorry, Lively lilac, but you’ve been replaced.